What is it about a fire?

Up behind the car port I had a big pile of tree branches, fallen bits of palm trees and the usual rural property dead vegetation, all of which had been accumulating for a year or so. Today was fine, not too hot or windy, and the pile was getting quite big … so I decided it was time to light it.

Once the initial inferno subsided to an approachable level the fire turned into something of a family social occasion. The adults pulled up chairs, sat around and drank beer. The grandkids played. The dog and horse came for a look and stayed. Potatoes wrapped in foil were tossed into the hot ashes and consumed at the evening barbecue. All-in-all a very pleasant afternoon.

It’s dark now. The barbecue is eaten but the fire’s still going. It might need rearranging … it’s a bloke thing. I might grab another beer and a suitable stick and go and stare into it, letting my mind wander a bit more before bedtime. The sky is reasonably clear and tonight is the peak of the Perseids meteor shower. Might see a falling star … 🙂

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