Port Hedland

Port Hedland

Yes, they do have real grass on the ship!

Today (Saturday 28th) we’re in Port Hedland … a rather unusual port for a cruise ship as it’s essentially a busy commercial port based around the iron ore industry.
I think the authorities must have had a special on docking charges as I can’t think of any other reason for a cruise ship to visit the place.

The temperature here is in the high 30’s and everything is covered in red dust. We went ashore on the free shuttle which dumped us at the visitor centre where the locals had set up a small market. We could have gone to the local shopping centre from there but they wanted to sting us $5 each for a shuttle so we declined. We had a quick look around the market and were back on the ship sipping a latte in air conditioned comfort within an hour.

The ship is absolutely beautiful. The service is great as is the food and we’re really enjoying the cruise. It’s fantastic to have our friends David and Rosemary on board as it really adds to the enjoyment.
Our next port of call is Bali (Benoa) and as we’re using mobile phones for Internet it’s going to be quite a few days before we can post again … not until we reach Darwin on Thursday March 5th.

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