Port Hedland – Bali – Darwin

Quietly typing in the ship's library

Quietly typing in the ship’s library

Wednesday 4th March

We’ve been to Bali too!

Having been to Bali on a previous cruise we decided to stay on the ship this time. Nothing to do with any current unrest about the impending executions of a couple of Australian drug runners. More that we find the place a bit tacky and potentially unsafe and we don’t enjoy the queues or the 30 to 40 minute ride in the tenders from the ship to the pier.
Our friends did go ashore for an hour or so and told us nothing has changed. It’s still just as grubby and there’s the same cheap (and fake) goods at the market on the pier. Anyone for a $4.00 Rolex?

Unfortunately Barbara has come down with a nasty cold and has been in bed for two days with a headache and coughing. Hopefully she’ll be well enough to go ashore in Darwin but it’s not looking very promising at the moment.
More bad news … I just found out that the ship has sold out of duty free gin and we were hoping to get a few bottles to take home with us. We should have been quicker!

I’m sitting here in the ship’s library typing on my MacBook and looking forward to having Internet access again once we reach Darwin (which is when I’ll post this to our blog). We can get Internet on the ship but it’s ridiculously expensive and frustratingly slow so we’ve avoided it. That’s one of the things we miss about our favourite Princess cruise line where we get loads of complimentary Internet courtesy of our ranking in their loyalty program.

Apart from Barbara’s cold we’re still enjoying the ship. The food and entertainment has generally been very good and our drinks “package” is proving to be a massive bargain … speaking of which, I think the sun’s over the yardarm now. Waiter! …

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