Perth Arena

Perth Arena opposite our hotel.

We had a good flight from London to Perth via Hong Kong. It was quite a bit shorter than the outward journey. The flight time was about 10.5 hours London to Hong Kong and 7.5 hours Hong Kong to Perth … which is a total of about four hours less than outbound. Perhaps it’s downhill??

We were still quite exhausted by the time we got to our hotel in Perth … an easy (but expensive) taxi ride from the airport. The hotel room is very nice. Quiet with comfortable beds but the room was freezing cold and today we had to get the hotel to adjust the temperature as guests can’t do it themselves because the in-room controls are non-functional throughout the hotel … by design!

Also very disappointed to find they want to sting guests $20 for a 24 hour chunk of in-room WiFi access. The “with WiFi access” in the room description when we booked is completely misleading. Yes, there is access … but it isn’t free like just about every other hotel in the World. Fortunately I have a good data plan on my iPhone so we’re not without Internet access.
The Four Points by Sheraton is the fourth hotel we’ve stayed at so far on this trip. It’s by far the most expensive but easily the most disappointing. The hotel we stayed at in Cardiff was less than half the price here but was just as good … and it had free, unlimited WiFi.

We slept in until after 9.00am then went for a walk to find some breakfast. Back to the hotel for an afternoon nap then out to find dinner. There’s a lot of people in town as there’s been a Perth Wildcats (basketball) game on at the Perth Arena directly opposite our hotel. All the Wildcats fans wear red shirts and I just happened to have a red T-shirt on so I blended in nicely.
As you would expect for Western Australia this time of year the weather is warm and sunny. Quite a contrast to the UK!

We’ve worked out how to get to Fremantle tomorrow … a short walk, a train then another short walk. We did a reconnaissance mission to the station to check that it’s not going to be too far or too difficult walking while dragging suitcases.

The next update will hopefully be from our B&B accommodation in Fremantle tomorrow evening 🙂

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