A Sea Day

Tuesday 10th March

We have a sea day today and will arrive at Brisbane on Wednesday morning.
It’s been a great day. To start we won the morning trivia competition. We’ve been one or two points off all cruise but today we finally cracked it and we’re now each the proud owners of a Celebrity Cruises luggage tag … plus of course the all-important bragging rights 🙂
This evening we saw a great show in the theatre. It was very much in the style of Cirque du Soleil with jugglers and acrobats. The costumes were amazing and the production had us spellbound for 45 minutes.
We had one last thrill in store when we returned to our cabin after dinner. Those who have cruised will probably be familiar with the towel creatures that the cabin stewards sometimes make. We’ve had some really good creatures on this voyage but this evening we had the towel creature to beat them all … a full sized person. Just check out the picture below!

I’m posting this early on Wednesday morning as we’re in the process of docking in Brisbane and have Internet access. I’m pleased to report that Barbara is starting to feel a lot better … but I think I’m now coming down with the same cold 🙁
Still not sure whether we’re going to venture into Brisbane. It depends mostly on whether we can find an easy way into the city from the dock area.
I’ll post again when we’re leaving this evening.

The ultimate towel creature!

The ultimate towel creature!

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