A rocky ride on the tenders

A rocky ride on the tenders

Cairns – Sunday 8th March

We arrived off Cairns at around 11:00am today. The day started out quite dull but has brightened up as the day has progressed. Unfortunately it’s also quite windy here and that has caused the tender operation to be suspended a few times. Some of the reef tour boats must have been at least a couple of hours late getting away. Even now at 3:45pm there are queues of people waiting to go ashore and the tenders are full to the brim despite being supplemented by some large catamarans from shore. The tenders go ashore at Yorky’s Knob Harbour which is then a further 30 minute (and $15.00) bus ride from Cairns itself.

We’re not scheduled to sail until 7:00pm but along with the queues and delays with the tenders, Barbara still isn’t feeling very well so we’ll stay on board again. We might not even go ashore again before the cruise ends in Sydney next Saturday. The next port is Brisbane but being so large this ship can’t dock at Hamilton and instead has to dock at the commercial port … which is a long way from the city. The following port is Newcastle and once again the dock is quite a long way from anything … plus of course we’ve visited Newcastle many times as it’s only an hour or so from home.

I had a nice custom-made pizza for lunch along with a bottle of cider … so an afternoon nap is definitely on the cards 🙂

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